Doorstep scam

What is it?

Doorstep scams can be the most unsettling type of scam for people to experience, especially for those most vulnerable in our society. According to National Trading Standards, 85% of the victims of doorstep scams are 65 or over.

Pushy salespeople can try and pressure you into buying products that you don’t want or need. Immediate payment is normally demanded for substandard products, home improvements or even money for charity. Once the payment is received the salespeople are never normally heard from again.

Letters in letter box

Mail scam

What is it?

A mail scam is sent with the intention of fraudulently obtaining money from you.

With the amount of junk mail received it’s worth noting that there is a difference between junk mail and a mail scam. Junk mail is sent from legitimate companies to advertise their services or products. A mail scam can be offering fake prize draws, fake lotteries, get rich quick schemes (for example, pyramid selling) or investment scams.

Phone scam

What is it?

Similar to mail scams, a phone scam typically involves a fraudster contacting you with the intention of fraudulently obtaining money from you. They may be trying to imitate an employee of your bank, HMRC or the police. This could either be by telephone call or text message.

It’s important to remember never to give out the following details over the phone:

  • Full password or online banking codes
  • Your four digit card PIN
  • Any personal details unless you are sure you are talking to the correct person
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Online scam

What is it?

Online scams can take various different forms. The most common forms of online scams are fake websites, email scams and mobile application scams.

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Identity theft

What is it?

You would think creating another ‘you’ would be difficult, but thieves can do it with only your name, address and date of birth. They can use your identity for their own personal gain. For example, they could use your details to take out credit cards or apply for State benefits.

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